A Dream, A Faith, Hoped For On The Horizon
In times of difficulty and trial our hopes become distant from us. They often become intangible and dreamlike because our present reality is so far removed from what they embody. Things we dream of and hope for become ghost like, far away and shrouded in the mist and fog. Our distant sun in a storm, disappearing behind an impenetrable object, is what is before our eyes.  How long will this ember of fire on the horizon keep us warm and sustain us? When it fades and the night comes will we still be standing when the revolution of darkness is complete and morning breaks again? The only thing I can say about these times is remember the light, remember it’s beauty, remember it’s warmth. Remember it’s power to dispel darkness. Remember it is what brings life to the world. Remember it’s energy is what sustains all life. Though we revolve into darkness as the earth turns on its axis, the light has not ceased to exist. It is just hidden from our sight for a time. 
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