The Art of Poetic Dreams provides an immersive experience by combining the beauty of poetry with visual  art. Story telling has always been one of mankind's greatest tools to convey concepts and ideas. The art of Poetic Dreams creates an experience centered around storytelling that utilizes the combined influence of many forms of art, to create a dream like framework where the imagination can interact and dance with the story as it is being told. Our installation art showcases this union. Please check out our book of poetry and other works of art available in the online store. Art has the ability to enrich our lives adding spark and vitality to our homes in a priceless way. We seek to add this spark to your life. We offer painting and sculpture sections that celebrate the power and beauty of the human imagination. There is an ethereal, imaginative photography gallery from around the world where the inspiration and ideas for the poems are born. Please enjoy the art we have to offer. It is our sincere desire that you will find sparks of light that will bring joy and vitality into your life.
The Installations are available for purchase. They are also available free of charge to institutions of healing such as hospitals, mental health facilities, drug rehabilitation centers, and other institutions that serve a similar purpose.  We just ask that you cover the cost of transporting the installation to your facility. We also ask that the installation is well cared for and protected during its stay. For more information please contact us.