A Vision Only Seen By The Heart
In this life there is some beauty we only see with the heart. When we see someone with the heart, we see them beyond their present circumstances. We see their troubles and afflictions as a chrysalis of change. With the heart, we see the butterfly which will one day rise from the fire of these afflictions. We see the beauty that is not yet manifest but will be. What is the true reality, what someone is now or what someone will one day become? The answer is what they will one day become. We can only see this truth with the heart. If you close your heart and only see the here and now you miss out on participating in that which creates the greatest beauty in all the universe. In spiritual tradition this transformation of the soul is symbolized in Gods healing of all manner of afflictions, in the blind that come to see, the deaf that come to hear, the leprous that are made clean, the lame that walk. To sacrifice for and believe in the great worth of our fellow man, we must see with the heart . For the power behind all miracles comes from a pure heart which believes love will ultimately overcome all things.
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