All Storms Will Eventually Pass
We All go through difficulties in life that are uniquely personal to each of us. Sometimes these trials can go on much longer that any of us would have imagined. Like sailing through an interminable never-ending storm with no light on the horizon. It is important to keep faith and hope in our hearts during these dark times. We must keep a hope that there is a purpose to our suffering and that whether in this life or the next we will know and experience God’s love. Though it is difficult to comprehend when the ship of our life is being smashed to pieces, God’s intention is ultimately to give us enlightenment, love, and joy. That this process of transformation and struggle ultimately leads to beauty is symbolized by the butterfly. We must believe that one day our battered ship will sail into that port of wonder where the city of light and love resides. Here we will finally find peace at last.  
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