At The Edge Of The World-I Am But A Shadow
In life I am but a shadow traveling on the waves,
Riding life’s turbulent sea towards the silent grave,
A never-ending storm of clouds, mist and fog,
Huddled in a little boat where only God and I can dialogue,
In the wonder of the marvelous, God is sometimes revealed,
Yet, in the overarching dark of night, God lies mostly concealed,
I pray that in the common things that fill my every day,
He is leading me step by step onward to where the night becomes the day,
In the mundane things that fill all my life’s hours,
May I find God was within them ever teaching with wisdom and power,
As my boat is taken by currents too strong for me to fight,
May I find God’s hand in the direction I go, still leading me toward the light,
When I finally reach the place where time and eternity meet,
The shadow that has traveled the waves now worn broken and beat,
May the light of eternities morning dispel the shadow and reveal my unknown face,
May I see my true self finally in the cradle of God’s light, mercy and grace,
May I know I was known of God all along,
That his love was there with me, in a lost boat, out at night, seeking the light of the dawn.
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