Birth Of A Queen
How does someone become royal in the true sense? The most meaningful definition of royalty defines it as a person who is in possession of special qualities of character, a person who possesses a great nobility of the soul. It is not defined by temporal wealth or social status.
In the painting our future queen finds herself in a dark forest, symbolizing life as a journey shrouded in mystery and filled with the unknown. Beneath the throne burns a fire of purification, symbolizing the trials and tribulations of life which refine and shape the undeveloped form of our character. In this fire our future queen holds a book in flames. This book stands as a symbol of the dreams and ambitions that die, as the soul, who only has the understanding of an unexperienced child, is taken on a quest to become Royalty.  God, the one who has sent her on this quest, loves her with a love that cannot be measured, therefore, has ordained that no compromise can be made in giving her the gift of her true and noble self. The cost necessary to obtain this great treasure of the soul is nothing short of everything. This great daughter of the most high must learn that true selflessness and sacrifice are the only true forms of nobility and royalty. To learn this, her selfish self must drown and she must be made a sacrifice for others. In the end, she will be born of fire and of water. The venom of her fallen soul courses through her veins as symbolized by the snake. To purge herself of this venom, she will have to do battle with herself. She will have the support of the great tree of life and the scaffolding the sacrifices of others provides, yet there will be times she will do her battle alone. In the end, a new creature will emerge from the shell of her fallen self. She has Gods promise on this. This new creature will be a true queen, a soul filled with light and love, a soul who knows the simple act of taking another by the hand in love, is what it means to be royal. There is a scripture that states we will come to know ourselves even as we are known of God. Know that in all of us there is a noble soul waiting to be born.
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