Born From Heaven's Fountain
 Deep within a recurring dream,
I see my soul was born from heaven's spring,
To that spring I will one day return,
For all the peace and happiness there my soul yearns,
I remember I am a child from a heavenly place,
Worthy and deserving of God’s merciful grace,
In my heart lies the seed of divinity,
I am a child of God preparing to enter eternity,
May I live a noble life,
Worthy of my birthright,
I am a child from heaven's fountain,
I come from the top of eternities infinite mountain,
Wherever my feet may roam, whatever degradations I will know,
This seed from my eternal home will continue to grow,
No one can strip this birthright from my heart,
This knowledge will be a light unto my feet in the dark,
However I may stray,
At times going the wrong way,
This light will guide me back to the right,
It will guide me back to God’s love and light.

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