Heaven's Door
Excerpt From The Poem Heavens Door.
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The story that is remembered,
Is of souls who to weakness are tender,
Accepting the flaws in each other that remain, For this is where affection is gained.
They fill in each other that empty space, Where the meaning of life had escaped.
Through their fingers they no longer lose treasure, Because they forgive, and forgive, without measure.
This united joining of the hands,
Stops the slipping of the sand
What happens next is a true mystery,
Never having been fully explained in history.
Through the exercise of love the soul is reborn,
Through the exercise of love the soul is transformed.
The fog, the veil, is rent.
Through heaven's door the two souls are sent
Where they are healed of this curse of sorrow,
Where there is a brighter tomorrow.
They build a castle that will endure forever, Its foundation is love, the great treasure.
They build an empire beyond that which we can know.
For only in two beating hearts does it grow.
They say it is a country of true wonder, Where things are no longer rent asunder.
It is where things are joined and healed,
Where the evil within is stilled.
It is where two become one,
And always reside in the warmth of the sun.
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