Coming Home Together
(Leave No Man Behind)

Going on a great journey together is how we bond and become one. On this journey we learn that this process of bonding is the most important thing achieved on the journey, despite whatever the original mission of the quest was. In Christ’s great prayer before the hour of his suffering, his petition to his father was that we all may become one. This was his deepest wish and the most sacred desire of his heart. This was echoed again when he stated "I pray that where I am they may be also." If we think of Christ's true intention on his quest here on earth, he spoke to his fellow man saying, “I seek not yours but you,” meaning that we, all of us, are the great treasure that Christ sought. Again, he stated, “I came into the world not to destroy men but that they may be saved.” We must learn that despite our differences the most important thing in life is that one way or another, we all come home together. For Heaven is less a place as it is a state of unity in love. May we have the courage to make the sacrifices necessary for this great purpose and leave no one behind
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