Dream Walking
It is written, “faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”. In this life we live suspended between two worlds. The world we awake to every morning with all of its horrors and dark realities, its inescapable tides and hurricanes that mold and shape Shakespearean tragedies rather than hopeful fairy tales, and the world that exists in our heart that whispers of a loving God. Our heart whispers of a life, an eternal and joyful life, which lies beyond this impenetrable veil of tears, this veil of tears which covers us as a shroud as our hopes and dreams die. All our lives we never truly know if the hopes in our heart are real or just an imaginary star that, like a mirage in the desert, appears before a desperate and dying mind. Is it all just an impossible dream?  The ultimate question becomes, is Gods love real? Does a transformed soul rise from the fire of this life?  We all, like Don Quixote, may find ourselves shattered and our dreams gone, evaporated away like dew in the harsh light of day. If this is so, the star and dreams of Don Quixote, though only a fairytale, made the world a better place. All stars that radiate the belief that all souls are important, have incalculable and immeasurable worth, and deserve infinite love make the world a better place. Where all dreamers go when they die no one knows. In the end maybe dreams are just dreams, but then again, maybe not.   
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