Dreaming In The Badlands
This photo was taken in Capitol Reef National Park. I use a star tracker to capture the Milky Way galaxy. A star tracker is a device you attach to your tripod and then secure to your camera. In order to make the star tracker turn at the correct angle and speed, you must align it with Polaris (North Star), then it rotates with the earth allowing you to take very long exposures. This allows you collect a lot of light while keeping the sky in focus and avoiding the earth's rotation blurring the image. The foreground elements would obviously blur with this movement, so you take a second exposure of just the foreground and combine the two latter in the computer. With these long exposures the light from the setting sun is often picked up by the sensor, even when the naked eye no longer perceives it. This gives an interesting and colorful glow to the horizon. You often get unusual colors. In addition, you often take artistic license with the colors to give the image the emotional quality you are after. Visually creating what you felt in your soul as you stood contemplating our magnificent galaxy and universe. Creating a true work of artistic expression from the heart.
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