Flowers Overgrow The Garden 
A hundred years from now, my love,
Our fear and worry will have vanished into eternity's radiant light ,
It will not matter even a little bit,
The sting and the struggle.
The grey winter days that seem to forever last,
Shall become a dream that now is past;
Our garden will be overgrown,
Only the memories of tending it together will remain,
Working side by side through the years, 
We have stood together through ever changing seasons and have ultimately born the fruit of joyful tears,
In just the blink of an eye from now, my love,
We shall not mind the pain;
The powerful all consuming tides of mortal life,
Will not have left a scar which remains,
So kiss me through the bitter rain, 
Let us dream of that great eternal place,
Where all pain is turned to our gain because of God's infinite love and grace,
This life is a Garden overgrown with thorns,
But flowers, dear heart, overgrow the garden into which we are reborn.
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