For Those Who Fail
A mighty wave sweeps my dreams away,
The Light of hope grows dim and grey,
Far from the garden of happiness I stray,
An unseen hand seems to guide my way,
I cannot shape my life into whatever I want it to be,
The forces of nature and fate have their own inescapable decree,
I am clay on the grand wheel of time,
Molded by forces that are larger than the will and ego of the human mind,
In some ways I am free,
In others I am chained to fate's decree,
I guess I have a decision to make,
Do I trust God is in the hands of fate,
A seed must fall to the earth and be consumed in darkness to rise,
A caterpillar must enter a tomb of death which removes its disguise,
The tomb of death reveals the beauty within,
Must I also enter a tomb of failure and sin?
Is failure the fertilizer of the soul?
The nutrients for growth that will make us whole?
When God leads me to the cross of pain and death,
When all falls to ashes and shame in my life’s quest,
Am I actually on the path that leads to eternal life?
Am I on the path where blindness is turned into sight?
Suffering and failure are the catalysts that shape the greatest jewel under heaven,
Empathy is the jewel shaped in the heart so magnificent and great it defies adequate expression,
The greatest gift God can give his child,
Is a heart loving, kind, and mild,
A soul filled with love overflowing is a new creature,
Trust in your path and that God is the greatest of all teachers.
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