For Hope Is Always Born At The Same Time As Love...
― Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Don Quixote
I think until love comes into our lives we are adrift at sea. Love provides us the perspective of what is truly important and gives us a compass point to head toward. We finally reach the safety of land by achieving a firm footing to stand on with the focus and purpose the laws of sacrifice and devotion give our lives. From this sacrifice, the fountain of growth and expansion blooms into our life for the first time. Pieces of our soul are broken and made bread and nourishment for others.  Parts of us are placed as seeds into the hearts of others as we sacrifice in their behalf. In this way, we grow and expand in a way impossible without loves guiding light. It is love's mysterious power that grants us the strength and vision to accept and see the truth that nothing can grow without sacrifice. It is love's mysterious power that makes us a willing participant in this sacrifice. In this, we gain the light and radiant colors of hope in our heart, for love teaches us it can overcome all things.
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