I Fall Like Water Moving To The Sea

I fall like water moving to the sea,
I move through the torrid rapids of life that lead to eternity,
Sorrow is my constant companion on this trail of tears,
The flood waters of pain envelope all my years,
I long for the day when the baptism of sorrow is pronounced finished,
As the falling waters of sadness leave a heart eroded and diminished,
My heart, in its own way, hangs upon its cross,
Trying to maintain the hope that it is not forgotten and lost,
For even the greatest one of us, the father did not let the cup of bitterness pass,
So, as best I can, I endure the tribulation into which I am cast,
I try and remember there is beauty in eroding waters that fall,
So maybe there is beauty in the tomb of sufferings mysterious halls,
Perhaps a day will come when a scene of beauty will surround my tomb,
The golden light of dawn preparing the way for what is born in sorrows womb,
In sorrows temple is there a hidden masterpiece being woven on my father’s loom?
My father, the king of heaven, who sits in shadow as I walk through the gloom,
In the day that lies beyond the gateway of the grave,
Will he reveal to me a masterpiece his love and wisdom have fashioned and made?
Will I see my life had purpose, form and grace?
When through mortal eyes I behold only ashes and disgrace,
I pray the father of heaven has beauty hidden up his sleeve,
That this beauty will be revealed to me one day in my father’s eternal home, which never again will I have to leave.

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