Love Is Enough
This Painting is inspired by the amazing poem written by Ella Wheeler Wilcox ( Born November 05, 1850 Died October 30, 1919) entitled "Love Is Enough". She is my favorite poet of all time. Please check out her poetry it is the greatest. This Painting is a tribute to her beautiful poem.
Love Is Enough
Love is enough. Let us not ask for gold;
    Wealth breeds false aims, and pride and selfishness.
In those serene, arcadian days of old
    Men gave no thought to princely homes and dress,
The gods who dwelt on fair Olympia's height
Lived only for dear love and love's delight.
                                        Love is enough.
Love is enough. Why should we care for fame?
    Ambition is a most unpleasant guest.
It lures us with the glory of a name
    Far from the happy haunts of peace and rest.
Let us stay here in this secluded place,
Made beautiful by love's endearing grace!
                                        Love is enough.
Love is enough. Why should we strive for power?
    It brings men only envy and distrust.
The poor world's homage pleases but an hour
    And earthly honours vanish in the dust.
The proudest kinds are ofttimes desolate;
Let me be loved, and let who will be great.
                                        Love is enough.
Love is enough. Why should we ask for more?
    What greater gift have gods vouchsafed to men?
What better boon of all their precious store
    Than our fond hearts, that love and love again?
Love is the only sweet that grows more sweet.
Sweet Love is ours, and life is all complete.
                                        Love is enough.
                          ELLA WHEELER WILCOX.
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