Luminescent Morning
This photo was taken in the Hoh rainforest in Olympic National Park.
The Hoh Rainforest is one of the most beautiful and well cared for temperate rain forests in the world. Some of the trees that live there are over 1000 years old. It receives between 140 and 170 inches of rain a year. The lush and abundant growth of plant life is stunning. Being there is truly like walking into the enchanted forests we read about in story books. It is almost always misty there in the morning and the rays of light from the rising sun create magical moments. There is an old world feeling there that is very powerful, an ancient rhythm from when the world was new and untouched. Most of the trees are covered with moss and ferns that shimmer in the sunlight because of all the moisture, giving a primordial feeling to everything. This forest is truly a treasure.
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