Marvel Of Nature
This is the wonderful Napali Coast.
Spanning 17 miles along Kauaiā€™s North Shore, this coastline is a mystical place defined by extraordinary natural beauty. The beautiful emerald cliffs and spontaneous waterfalls that will mysteriously appear in unexpected places with even the lightest rainstorm, make it one of the worlds greatest treasures. The Kalalau Trail, which traverses the coastline ending in Kalalau Valley, is the most beautiful hike I have ever taken in my life. This is one place I return to again and again because it is so magical. I believe the Hawaiian Islands are the most isolated land masses on the planet. Because of this, nature did not evolve to be as aggressive as it is on most of the earth . The gentle nature of the land is very unusual and singular. It is truly a place where you can renew your soul. I hope to be able to visit this place until the day I die. Please take care of our wild places, they bring magic into our lives and renew our souls.