Pyramids At Dusk
This image comes from when I was a college student on a study abroad in the Middle East. The sun had gone down and these beautiful hues filled the horizon. We visited many different countries but Egypt was one of the most fascinating. The scale and breadth of the archeological ruins there was on a level I have never experienced before or since. To walk back in time and behold the remnants of a truly vast and great civilization was eye opening. To see the ingenuity of our ancestors was inspiring. Mankind’s special gifts of creativity, deduction, and problem solving were all on display in the artifacts they left behind. The beauty of the potential we carry within us was shining through their primitive circumstances. There is hope to be taken in observing how far we have come, though there is still a long way to go, in advancing not only our knowledge of science, but our understanding of how to better treat and care for each other. Our knowledge and understanding of love has also grown, often at an incredible cost. The profound sacrifices of those that have gone before us should be honored and held as sacred.