The Power And Beauty Of Light
Light symbolism is seen in literature, the bible, painting, photography, and all forms of art. Light meanings include life, divinity, purity, guidance, celebration, enlightenment, wisdom, and love. To see the light, is to gain wisdom on a subject, to see the truth. Someone said to have seen the light is often someone who has seen their mistakes and gained wisdom that will allow them to move forward with purpose and promise. Light is a sign of hope. This is because of its relationship with darkness, darkness cannot dispel light, however, light has the ability to dispel all darkness. There is a spiritual belief that the day will come when light will fill all things. The dark days of evil, ignorance, cruelty, and blindness will forever pass way. They will vanish away as shadows that fade in the light of the sun. God first created light, as it would be the force that would sustain all life. Even in non-spiritual teachings, light is said to be the source of life. May the power and beauty of light fill your life.
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