Renouncing Love For The Wealth Of Dust And Ashes
This painting depicts a pirate at the end of his journey. In the foreground is a portrayal of kind souls lifting each other up in love and compassion. That this image is consumed in flames reveals the pirates inner disposition to reject this way of life and destroy his connections to others in the pursuit of temporal wealth. The souls in the fire are creating the bridge of interconnectivity that blossoms into the great tree of life. This tree of life represents the unity and interconnectedness of love which becomes the doorway to heaven and everlasting joy. The fact that this bridge is in flames shows the pirates willingness to renounce love and the sacrifices love requires to gain the treasures that moth and rust easily corrupt.  In his delusion the pirate believes the incoming ship will deliver him to the glory he has achieved. To his great surprise he discovers the ship that he believes will carry him to his glory will instead take him to a prison, a fierce isolation, and a death of the spirit of his own making.
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