Rest For A Moment
Life is so difficult and tumultuous that our moments of rest can be few and far between. When our life's journey bestows the gift of a moment of peace and reflection, it is cherished and deeply valued. The turmoil of our life grants the wisdom that peace of the soul is a great and wonderful  treasure. When life's journey carries us to a peaceful harbor for just a moment, our weary heart rests in the warmth only such tranquility can give. In this painting, I have tried to capture the magic and warm glow that those rare moments bestow upon our soul. In the glow of the sun, I also wish there to be the message that the peacemakers of this world give this radiant warmth to an otherwise cold world. The scripture that states "blessed are the peacemakers" speaks a beautiful and noble truth. It takes great courage to give peace and love to others in a world that values selfishness and sets seeking our own self interest on a pedestal as a great virtue.
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