The Essential And Nourishing River Of Hope And Faith
Hope is as essential to our health and well being as water, food, clothing, and shelter. Hope gets us out of bed in the morning and provides the spark that ignites the engine of our desires and dreams. Without its nourishment, we wither and die. Where there is no hope there is no light and warmth. Hope is an essential and precious gift. "Where there is hope there is life"  is a statement which has endured for centuries because of its truth. Conversely, where there is no hope there is darkness and death. When we see others in true despair, we need to recognize there can be no greater pain. When Christ was asked the most important question of his entire ministry which was "Good master what shall I do that I may inherit eternal life," He gave a very simple and pure answer in the story of the good samaritan. I love the purity and simplicity of this story. He simply said, love and take care of each other and you will inherit eternal life. It is as simple as that. When we see others in despair, providing any form of help we can to try and create a flowing river of hope in their heart, is the most important thing we can ever do with our life.

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