The Fountain Of Hope
Our minds eye and heart can transport us to beautiful places. In our heart, we can see what is not yet but will be. This is faith. Our dreams and hopes are a fountain within us that nourish and give power to our spirit in  our great journey toward enlightenment. These hopes give us the strength to endure hardship and see the beautiful realms of understanding that only come into focus after a season of struggle has passed. In order to recognize and cherish the sweet, we must partake of the bitter. The great dream and hope we must carry in our hearts is that all difficulties, all struggles, will work together for our good. In this life, our feet will be carried down paths of pain and anguish that we would never choose or desire to tread. Let the fountain of trust and belief that God will turn all our struggles to our gain, our benefit, and our enlightenment never run dry. It is through struggle that our eyes are opened to the beautiful poetry that is found in all things that are innocent, pure, and charitable. Let the well spring of hope keep the dream alive that our struggles will become the doorway that leads us to that lush, green, and eternal country of peace, love, unity, and joy. 
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