The Hope That Comes With A New Day
This photo is taken at the fantastic Grand Canyon.
The Grand Canyon is truly a place that inspires beautiful dreams. I was at the Grand Canyon for about seven days on this photography trip. There wasn’t a single day that the Canyon didn’t offer a new face of beauty as the light and weather changed. It reminded me that in life, which is in a constant state of change, we are given a new look and a new perspective on things all the time. We often discover a new, more enlightened, and enriched perspective on ourselves, others, and the world around us, as the tapestry of life ever changes around us. We see new angles and perspectives on things that were hidden to us before. We come to see more of the great mosaic of love and life. The Grand Canyon reminded me of this as hidden aspects of its beauty were revealed to me as the light and weather endlessly shifted around it. It showed me that with every new day there can be new perspective and growth. This is very hopeful.
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