The Importance And Magic Of Stories
Stories have always been one of mankind's greatest tools to convey principles, concepts, ideas, and most importantly wisdom. Great stories draw us in with their mystery, intrigue, imagination, understanding, and insight. Great stories paint pictures of interesting and fascinating characters. These characters come to mean a great deal to us because we learn compassion, empathy, and gain a deeper understanding of the human condition through participating in the journeys they take. Great stories take us on a journey into the realms of the mind's eye where we can learn, grow, laugh, cry, and deepen our understanding of others and the world around us. We visit worlds and fantastical lands that we would never experience with out this gift. Wonderful is the magic and gift of storytelling. Great stories bring wonder and wisdom to our lives. This painting is meant as a tribute to their magic. The Butterfly, placed so prominently in the painting, is a symbol of their power to transform us.
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