The Light, Warmth, Beauty, And Radiance Of Hope
One of the things I love about impressionism is it's ability to capture our inner emotions,visually, by the artists manipulation of light, Color, Depth, and form. In this piece, I have tried to capture the inner feelings of optimism, warmth and joy that accompany the powerful force that is hope. Hope creates an excitement which helps us stay focused. It's greatest attribute has to be its ability to sustain and grant us the ability to endure hardship. The belief that God is infinitely loving and works all things together for our good is the cornerstone of hope for a spiritually minded soul. That God has the ability to "raise the dead" meaning, no matter how far we fall he can reach us, is a ray of light in the darkness. So much of life we do not understand, we are lost sheep in a wilderness that surpasses our understanding. That God can Bring all the lost sheep home, is a promise he made to us through his son. As a person who believes we are eternal beings, I often think of the statement that this life will one day be to us as the blink of an eye. Being in this strange wilderness is only a temporary phase for our growth but it is in no way our true home. In our true eternal home we will find peace and everlasting joy and our time of tribulation will  have been but a brief moment. This belief fills me with the radiance of hope. 
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