The Pilgrim Soul
My dear we live in a constant state of change,
Where many things are transformed and rearranged.
Within and without of our hearts,
Time moves forward on a steady march.
Some may have loved the child,
Which had a beautiful and sweet smile.
Some may have loved the maid,
Who to adventures call far from shore strayed.
Some may have loved the woman who grew wise,
When sorrow brought tears from her eyes.
But I love that which has not grown dim,
Though time upon us its web does spin.
I loved that which was there at the start,
That which remained through each scar placed upon your heart.
I love that which remains through all the change,
Though we are refined and rearranged.
love that which is growing brighter with time,
That which each day becomes more polished and shines.
That which always was and always will be,
The jewel that is being refined by a long journey,
That eternal part of you,
That pilgrim soul inside you.
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