The Star To The North
What will make you happy my dear?
Toward what star should we steer?
If we go together in this boat, What will keep us afloat?
What will be the wind in our sail, That will remain steady and not fail?
What will be our light in the dark,
The compass unto which we can hark?
There are many stars in the sky,
To which one should we fly?
Which one represents your inner ambition,
That which is your hearts mission?
Which one represents that happy condition,
Which you wish to come to fruition?
In your heart will you desire ease,
Where life is always the gentle breeze?
Do you think the sea will not get rough?
That the journey won't get tough?
What sea is ever crossed,
Without sacrifice and loss?
What will you do,
When storms come upon you?
Will the star you choose, Light the way through?
The stars in the sky wander,
Upon this we must ponder.
They dance in an elusive arch,
Making it impossible to find a steady mark,
On these stars will you build your dreams?
Where nothing is what it seems.
Will your heart rest on the star to the north?
The only one that charts a straight course.
Or will you chase the lights that move?
Which as time passes never themselves prove.
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